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January 10 / / Blender

For my latest work, a scene with a HH-65 Dolphin in it, I found a great way to model detailed shapes (like windows, little holes and similar things) onto a round and complex surface without getting ugly crases and similar things on the surface because of edgeloops destroying your round shape.

What I did:

January 8 / / Blender
September 10 / / Blender
September 4 / / Best of BAF

Here my monthly list of my favorite threads at Blender Artists Forums:

Finished Renderings:

poke1electric chair and the deep blue by poke

These pieces captivate with their special look making them both very unique and giving them a very artistic look.

poke2While the “electric chair” builds on a very realistic environment in which a set of interesting soft-toy-characters are integrated, “the deep blue” has heavier effects and achieves a great painted appearance and also some kind of old air by simulating a very rough and structured underground. Definitely interesting stuff – and great models and textures too, of course.


September 3 / / Blender
August 28 / / Blender

A bit more than half a year ago, I started modelling and texturing the Jet of the Italian aerobatics team “Frecce Tricolori”, an Aermacchi 339. I did all the test-renderings in Indigo at that time. Now I found some time to finish the jet and transfer all the settings to Luxrender, the modelling now looking like this:

Aermacchi Mb-339 PAN Mesh turnaround on Vimeo.

And some shots of the plane in a test-environment:

Finished plane, cockpit almost finished
Finished plane, cockpit almost finished
Finished cockpit
Finished cockpit
August 7 / / Blender
August 1 / / Best of BAF

Here my monthly list of my favorite threads at Blender Artists Forums:

Work in Progress:

Sanfran_thumbThe bugs that ate San Francisco…. by Michael W

A stunning action scene, a realistic picture of a street and great character design in one single work? Yes, it’s possible. Although being unfinished, the development of this WIP already shows that the result will be something great. I especially like the light effects making the scene dramatic and I can’t wait to see the character finished and put into this scene.

July 24 / / Blender
July 23 / / Blender