German Blender Day ’09 is over

The first German Blender Day is over and was a great success.

All participants (or at least all who said something about it afterwards 🙂 ) really liked meeting other people from the German Blender-Community and the lectures and workshops. I definitely enjoyed it too: Mainly because it is much more fun to write with people in a chatroom or a forum if you know the person on the other side and because the atmosphere was really nice and familiar – as if we already knew each other for years.

Of course I – and I think all of us – also learned something about Blender there, but honestly this was not the most important thing for me which is why I think less lectures and more free time would be even better. But never mind, it was great anyway!

Also the number of participants, over 40 people in total, shows that organizing this event was worth it – and is a good base for more German Blender Days in the next years.

You can find images and some of the presentation-material on the official Website of the Blender Day. New images and material is still added there in the next days (and probably some videos next week).

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