Some Blender files (mainly models) I created and want to share for the case someone wants to take a look them (probably to learn something) or to play with it or whatever…

Steampunk Mini Aircraft blender model download
Steampunk Mini Aircraft

A small steampunk-style (at least a little bit) non-realistic propeller aircraft I did in a speedmodeling contest and worked on a little more afterwards. All parts that make sense to be textured are unwrapped and you should be able to guess from the file names that are missing which textures from you need. For licensing reasons, however, no textures are included.

Wind Power Station blender model download
Wind Power Station

A very simple model of a wind turbine, done in 45 Minutes Speedmodeling.

Hydrant • Blender download model

Click on the images to get to the respective download page.

Have fun.