Best of Blender Artists Forums – 2009/08

Here my monthly list of my favorite threads at Blender Artists Forums:

Finished Renderings:

poke1electric chair and the deep blue by poke

These pieces captivate with their special look making them both very unique and giving them a very artistic look.

poke2While the “electric chair” builds on a very realistic environment in which a set of interesting soft-toy-characters are integrated, “the deep blue” has heavier effects and achieves a great painted appearance and also some kind of old air by simulating a very rough and structured underground. Definitely interesting stuff – and great models and textures too, of course.


enriPloutocrates by enricoceric

This really interesting piece of art inspired by “Pornocrates” by Félicien Rops (interestingly being rendered in Lux) leaves much space for interpretation: Why have the angels become pigs, why do they have slots, what does it mean that the woman is definitely not a beauty like in the original image? Interesting piece, really.


NatDurian Energy by Nat

What I found special about this work is not so much the final image but the creative and funny idea of creating a Durian energy-drink. And of course the design is really not bad – would love to see this in the shops 🙂


paulCastelo by pauloup

This work succeeds in creating a dreamy, romantic atmosphere in a really remarkable way. Despite the models and textures being relatively simple (or even because they are), the viewer gets the impression of an image being consistent with itself and perfectly composed. And it is also a great example of what nodes can do in the areas of material and composition. Read more about that in the current issue of BlenderArt Magazine (“Epic Fantasy”).


ShilaMMigration by ShilaM

This group of robotic migrants not only is well-designed but also walks through a snow-covered landscape in impressive amount of details and realism. Although they have quite strange legs, you can really imagine how they step through the deep snow, carefully avoiding the other creature’s legs.


2Dimensional Work:

benAlchemy Chaos Sketches by _ben_

Inspired by a Video of Durian-Team-Member David Revoy, this thread shows some nice examples of how to get inspired and start your sketches with Chaos created in Alchemy and then continue the things you saw in the chaos in some other drawing program.

I really like this way of inspiration – it seems like it’s really helpful if you search for interesting shapes and creatures.



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  1. bensimonds
    September 4

    Thanks for the plug. The other images are fantastic too!

  2. ShilaM
    September 7

    Thank you a lot for linking, Julian, I like a lot your images choice!

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