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August 1 / / Best of BAF

Here my monthly list of my favorite threads at Blender Artists Forums:

Work in Progress:

Sanfran_thumbThe bugs that ate San Francisco…. by Michael W

A stunning action scene, a realistic picture of a street and great character design in one single work? Yes, it’s possible. Although being unfinished, the development of this WIP already shows that the result will be something great. I especially like the light effects making the scene dramatic and I can’t wait to see the character finished and put into this scene.

July 24 / / Blender
July 23 / / Blender


Wind Turbine (Speedmodelling, 45 min)
model of a wind turbine

I just opened a tiny download-section on this site (find it in the top navigation bar) where you can download some (exactly two, to be honest) models I created. I think I will expand this area whenever I create some small model in a speedmodelling-contest or some similar event.

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