Author: Julian Herzog

November 7 / / Blender

Update 2010-04-13: There is a python-script for managing themes in Blender now, download it and read about it here.

Now that I understood how themes work in Blender 2.5 (version 2.55 to be more precise, older versions of 2.5 are slightly different), I thought I should probably share this knowledge because information about this part seems to be a rare thing on the internet.

October 28 / / Blender
January 10 / / Blender

For my latest work, a scene with a HH-65 Dolphin in it, I found a great way to model detailed shapes (like windows, little holes and similar things) onto a round and complex surface without getting ugly crases and similar things on the surface because of edgeloops destroying your round shape.

What I did:

January 8 / / Blender
September 10 / / Blender
September 8 / / Photography

Yes I know it’s a bit off-topic, but nevertheless I want to show some pictures I took at the “Oldtimer-Fliegertreffen Hahnweide” (EDST) here.

It was really a great show, although in the second part, taking photos was close to impossible because of backlight. And of course you can hardly show how impressive those warbirds and other old planes really are and how elegant they fly their aerobatic maneuvers.

September 4 / / Best of BAF

Here my monthly list of my favorite threads at Blender Artists Forums:

Finished Renderings:

poke1electric chair and the deep blue by poke

These pieces captivate with their special look making them both very unique and giving them a very artistic look.

poke2While the “electric chair” builds on a very realistic environment in which a set of interesting soft-toy-characters are integrated, “the deep blue” has heavier effects and achieves a great painted appearance and also some kind of old air by simulating a very rough and structured underground. Definitely interesting stuff – and great models and textures too, of course.


September 3 / / Blender
August 28 / / Blender

A bit more than half a year ago, I started modelling and texturing the Jet of the Italian aerobatics team “Frecce Tricolori”, an Aermacchi 339. I did all the test-renderings in Indigo at that time. Now I found some time to finish the jet and transfer all the settings to Luxrender, the modelling now looking like this:

Aermacchi Mb-339 PAN Mesh turnaround on Vimeo.

And some shots of the plane in a test-environment:

Finished plane, cockpit almost finished
Finished plane, cockpit almost finished
Finished cockpit
Finished cockpit
August 7 / / Blender