The Durian Team is complete

Today, the team that will work on the Durian open movie projet of the Blender Foundation was officially presented on the Durian Blog.

Namely these are the people who where selected from the 150 submissions (or who where already asked before to join the team).

  • Angela Guenette (modeling, rigging, animation)
  • Ben Dansie (3D generalist)
  • Nathan Vegdahl (rigging, animation)
  • Lee Salvemini (animation)
  • Soenke Maeter (shading, light, compositing)
  • Colin Levy (director, 3D generalist)
  • David Revoy (concept art)
  • Brecht van Lommel (technical support)
  • Campbell Barton (technical support)

So congratulation to these people to be selected and to the Foundation for having these people working on the film and Blender.

By the way: They also found a main sponsor, DivX, making it possible to create a high quality rendering of the film (4k).

Now get 2.5 ready, I want to see them working 🙂

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