Best of Blender Artists Forums – 2009/05

Here my monthly list of my favourite threads at Blender Artists Forums:hotelnapoli_thumb

Hotel Napoli by -TheAmiMan-

I liked this internally rendered (!) city scene because of its high level of detail and nice and realistic look. The good texturing and lightning allows this look and shows that you don’t need external renderers like Lux or Indigo to get this atmosphere.


Ta 154A-0 in studio by mrys

This render of a Focke-Wulff Moskito is very impressive because of the extremely realistic texturing, making the result realistic even with a very simple studio lightning and scene.

Character Design:SAKURA_thumb

Naruto figurines french collection by CaptainCavern

These nice examples of human character design impressed me because they look very human and natural, have a strong character and still look simple and have a comic-style, looking good without any complex texturing.

bobby_thumbBobby, the little octopus by weilynn

This cool guy (made by the creator of the 2.49 splah, btw) shows good use of material and texturing combined with great sculpting, creating a contrast between the cute shape and colors of the skin and the dark character shown by the dark eyes, the mouth and of course the cigar. Some more abstract work of weilynn: Twisted tree


3 x animated TVCs: Bridgestone Gecko by ProMotion Studios via broken

I like these TV ads because this little gecko is really well-animated and his lumbering behaviour gives him a clear and funny character. As usual, good quality of work by ProMotion Studios, showing what’s possible in Blender.

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