Best of Blender Artists Forums – 2009/06

Here my monthly list of my favorite threads at Blender Artists Forums:

SR-71A Blackbird by Kologeblackbird_thumb

I love great planes, and I love good textures, and this images are the combination of these to attributes – a Blackbird, this wonderful US reconnaissance aircraft built in the sixties, presented in a fotorealistic  way, rendered in Lux – simply great.


The old road by tetsuo001100the_old_road_thumb

This project has good models, textures and grass. But more importantly, the composition is great although being horizontally symmetric. And the sepia-effect can hardly be less fitting than here – creating a nostalgic mood.


Ori Light Final by PLyczkowskiorilightclose_thumb

In my opinion, Lowpoly Characters made in Blender are much too rare – and this one once again shows that they can really look great: A well-designed Female Game Character in some very detailed suit. I especially like the glowing power cells on her back.


Megagolf by supersocksmegagolf_thumb

This blender game really impressed me: It looks great (the style reminded me of trackmania nations, which isn’t a bad sign at all), is really fun to play and stays challenging for a long time. Because you need to use both your brain to solve some tricky tracks and the right feeling, it is neither boring nor too difficult.


[ This game is a result of the Blender Game Contest – see other entries for this Contest here. ]

Number 5 is ALIVE by FloorPlayNumber_5_thumb

It’s basically only the modelling that is done here, but the moviestar already looks great and so I can really recommend this one as a very promising work in progress. Not every details fits the original, but see it as some updated version and it is simply a stunning robot.


Steampunk Mousetrap by BenDansieSteampunk_Mousetrap_thumb

Yes, it’s one of the greatest short animations I’ve ever seen, although the idea is so simple – but simply great. A mousetrap in a well-done steampunk style (these textures!) but still relatively realistic in its features and appearance. Even as a still, I would love this project and most probably mention it here, but animated, with a robotic dummy test mouse instead of a real one for a less violent look – nothing more to say. Just watch it – also on vimeo, an you can even download it.


Enjoy these wonderful pieces.

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  1. Kologe
    July 3

    I guess U have some wrong link in here: “Megagolf” ain’t supposed to be the same thread as “Ori Light Final”, is it?

    • blendipel
      July 3

      My fault, I’m sorry. Fixed.

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