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Digital Cameras always produce a certain amount of noise in their sensor signal. Whether this noise is visible depends on how much the camera has to amplify the sensor data (ISO-value), which again depends on how much light is entering the lens and how sensitive the sensor itself is. That’s why cheap, small cameras produce more noise than expensive cameras: they have larger, more sensitive sensors and usually better optics.

Scenario 1: I want to shoot at night, I have plenty of time, but only a relatively cheap camera. The object I take photos of does neither move nor change in any other way. I want a great image without noise.

Scenario 2: I have a great camera, but even when shooting with ISO 100 (Canon etc.) or 200 (Nikon), the image noise is visible because I only want to use a very small part of the tonal range (e.g. in foggy situations) and therefore the small amount of noise is heavily amplified.

September 8 / / Photography

Yes I know it’s a bit off-topic, but nevertheless I want to show some pictures I took at the “Oldtimer-Fliegertreffen Hahnweide” (EDST) here.

It was really a great show, although in the second part, taking photos was close to impossible because of backlight. And of course you can hardly show how impressive those warbirds and other old planes really are and how elegant they fly their aerobatic maneuvers.

April 18 / / Gimp

During my visit of Amsterdam, I tried to do some bracketing at places with a big difference between light and dark areas, having in mind to follow the present hype: High Dynamic Range effects, sometimes really nice and sometimes simply exaggerated, but always somewhat interesting. I’m aware of the differences in the opinions of people about it, as willwm says in his blog:

Some people love the effect and others hate it. Some say it’s not ‘pure’ photography others ask what pure photography really is? Some call it ‘fake’ and others see it as a thing of beauty.