Pictures from the Blender booth at FMX 2011

I visited the Blender booth at FMX 2011 today and took some photos for you.

It was a fun day for me and a fun week for all people there (from what I’ve heard, at least 🙂 ). Definitely something to repeat.


Blender booth crew at FMX 2011
Group photo of the team at the Blender booth

Thomas Dinges at FMX 2011

Blender booth crew at FMX 2011

Ton Roosendaal at FMX 2011

Blender booth crew and visitors

Blender booth crew at FMX 2011

All images Creative Commons License

(There’s so few people there because that were the moments when I had the time to take photos. Also, it was Friday, the last day of FMX 2011.)

You can also find pictures from the presense of the Blender Community at FMX 2012 in this later blog post.

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  1. […] Images of the Blender Booth from today can be found on the Blog of Blendipel Dieser Beitrag wurde unter General veröffentlicht. Setze ein Lesezeichen auf den Permalink. […]

  2. Nice pictures but this is a little booth 🙂

    • charles
      May 13

      It’s actually a pretty standard-sized booth for the trade floor at fmx.
      Adobe’s both a few years ago wasn’t that much larger, either.

  3. Akrum
    July 28

    hi guys! you got any photos for Cairo ICT 2012?

    i bet you do!

    thanks a lot!

    • JulianHzg
      August 5

      Sorry, no.

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