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This is a new project I finished for a competition on the German Blender forum. The task was to create a (science fiction) space shuttle  for a film project in production in the German Blender community

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A bit more than half a year ago, I started modelling and texturing the Jet of the Italian aerobatics team “Frecce Tricolori”, an Aermacchi 339. I did all the test-renderings in Indigo at that time. Now I found some time to finish the jet and transfer all the settings to Luxrender, the modelling now looking like this:

Aermacchi Mb-339 PAN Mesh turnaround on Vimeo.

And some shots of the plane in a test-environment:

Finished plane, cockpit almost finished
Finished plane, cockpit almost finished
Finished cockpit
Finished cockpit
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