30 Hour Contest: “Oasis of Peace”

For the latest weekend-contest on blend.polis, I created this architectural scene in Blender. The topic of the contest was „Oase der Ruhe“ (which translates to something like “Oasis of Peace” or “Oasis of Silence”), so my idea was to build a peaceful tree house, but with modern, almost scifi-like architecture. With relatively simple models and materials, it’s nothing extraordinary, and I had some problems getting a decent rendering time in Cycles. I also had a few too obvious bugs in there, so this is the slightly fixed version, rendered to 2000 spp (still quite noisy though). The composition needs some work and I might change a few materials, so I hope I’ll find the time to work on this a little more, actually finishing it.

But until then, here’s the current status:

Oasis of Peace blend.polis 30h contest entry

I’m quite happy with it and it was a good way to keep my Blender abilities from drying out completely. Hope you enjoy it. 🙂


Technical info:
  • Peak RAM 2400 MB (Rendered on CPU)
  • Compositing in Blender and Lightroom 3
  • Textures from cgtextures.com and viz-people.com, manipulated and made tileable in Gimp.
  • All models and materials made by me in Blender 2.66.1

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