Oasis of Peace –
Tree House

Based on my submission for a contest in the German Blender forum, I created this architectural visualization. It shows the interior of a modern, simplistic scifi-style tree house.

Oasis of Peace - tree house - created for a German Blender forum contest


Technical info:
  • Cycles render engine
  • Peak RAM 2450 MiB (rendered on CPU)
  • 4000 samples per pixel in the resolution shown above (2350 × 1000)
  • Time for rendering was around 25 hours total (2×200spp, 9×400spp)
  • Progressive integrator, no caustics, clamp 1.8, 3-12 bounces
  • Compositing in Blender and Lightroom 3
  • Textures from cgtextures.com and viz-people.com (sky background), manipulated and made tileable in Gimp.
  • All models and materials made by me in Blender 2.66.1

While almost all the modeling was done within the 30 hour period of the contest, I spent quite some time tweaking and re-rendering parts of the image afterwards. I changed the camera perspective, trying to create a more harmonic composition. I also changed some shaders, most notably the material of the stairs, to make it look slightly less artificial. Although, of course, it still doesn’t look like it could be built, I think I managed to take away some of the coldness of the original entry.

If you’re curious, here is the comparison of the rendering before and after the editing process:

Oasis of Peace - comparison before and after editing

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