I start blogging

Hello world.

This is the first time I am starting something like an own website or blog. In the past years, I spent most of my time on posting in a specific german Blender-Forum, where I helped others and recieved help from others, where I presented my projects and watched and commented on other’s projects.

The reason why I chose a german forum was simple: I am from Germany, and my English is not the best.

For this blog, this means I use English to get through to more people on the internet and to improve my language-skills. However, I try to avoid that you always know that when reading my entrys, so I’ll do my best.

I plan to use this blog mainly to present my work and to upload tutorials I plan to create. The second thing is the less definite one – I didn’t do many tutorials in the past, so perhaps I’m only presenting modelling-timelapses, but we’ll see.

So far from me for today,


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