Best of Blender Artists Forums – 2009/04

Here my monthly list of my favourite threads at Blender Artists Forums:

Old Guy by Maqs

This thread shows a really impressive and realistic image of an old man. This is, of course, only possible with a perfect combination of texturing, materials, lightning, modelling and the use of nodes and hair, making this image technically one of the best I’ve ever seen on BAF – not yet mentioned how intensive and deep the facial expression of the old man is, characterizing him very well.

Ferrari 430 scuderia, Street racer by M@dcow and GodOfBigThings

This car project – of course one of hundreds – is interesting not only because of the good quality in modelling, texturing and lightning, but also because it is a collaborative project of two users on BAF and because it shows not only a copy of a normal Ferrari 430. The creators gave it an individual livery making it more interesting and special.

I’m really looking forward to the location shots that are announced.

Houdini Apprentice Challenge by paya

This very short Animation created for the Houdini Apprentice Challenge 2009 (done in Blender and Houdini Apprentice HD) impressed me because it has a very realistic look, tells a story in an extremely short amount of time and also has some kind of message, coming with the text “world without us” at the end of the short.

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