Blender F1 Challenge 2009 starts today!

Today starts this year’s Blender Formula One Challenge, being challenge number 9 in total. Deadline is June 20 this year.

As in the years before, the task is to create the F1-Car of the future, while it is not relevant how far in the future your car could be placed (next year or 2000 years in the future). This is, in my opinion, a very interesting task as the only true limitation, that the car has to have an open cockpit configuration, gives you much freedom to create what you want, to give it the kind of engine you want and of course to give it the shape you want.

If you look at the winning entries of the past challenges, you can also be sure that there is good competition, and even if you see no chance to win, it’s always worth a try and you can definitely learn much from how the others are interpreting the same exercise.

So take a look at the challenge page, open a thread on Blender Artists Forum or any other Blender forum of your choice (feedback is always important and helpful) and start blending. 🙂

And don’t forget reading the official rules to aviod working long hours and in the end having an entry that doesn’t fit.

Good luck – I’ll see whether I’ll participate there too. In the case I do participate, I will let you see my progress.

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