Blender F1 ’09: my progress

After some time, I started working on my F1 project again.

The first thing to do was to learn how to handle Luxrender, since I decided to avoid Indigo (although it seems to be much faster – I don’t like the development of this renderer). This was not a big challenge, since Luxblend is pretty much self-explanatory and not too different from Indigo. With the additional support of the Blender-Internal procedural textures (which was important for the water) and lightgroups, it has even more interesting features for me.

Then I decided that the version of a flying racer without big wings is not really realistic and does not make too much sense. Already having some dolphin-like shapes in my design, I simply switched to the sea and turned my racer into a racing boat. Now the water became a real challenge: The waves needed to look good directly in front of the camera and have less than 1 Million Faces to be exportable to Lux without needing too much memory. I decided to create them with a big plane and a displacement modifier, subdividing the plane dependant on the distance from the camera.

Blender F1 WIP020
Blender F1 WIP020

Because I love night shots, and because the sea is not really bright at night (or at least not nicely lit), I created track boundaries with lights and used a skymap to create a more interesting night sky. Now, the result looks something like the image on the right (the image is very noisy because I played too much with the lightgroups making the renderer inefficient).

Now I have to find some silhouettes for the people standing at the side, watching the race. Afterwards, I need to refine the model of the boat to make it look more detailed and interesting. I don’t know how to do that yet, but I hope that will somehow work.

And in the end, I have to get some air into the water and some water in the air around the boat. That will become a lot of texture work I guess.

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