Frecce Tricolori (2010)

Frecce Tricolori Blender aerobatic aircraft

This work shows an aerobatic formation of three Aermacchi MB-339 PAN from the Italian “Frecce Tricolori”.

Find an updated version of this image here.

Applications used:
Modelling in Blender
Texturing in Blender and Inkscape
Rendering in Luxrender 0.6 RC6 (2 Passes)
Postproduction in the Blender Compositor
Denoising in Gimp

The background is a texture from Thanks to them for the great textures.

Thanks to and for the friendly and helpful feedback.

Wireframe of the Scene

Wireframe of the aircraft itself:

Aermacchi Mb-339 PAN Mesh turnaround from Blendipel on Vimeo.

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